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JW Hart Funeral Services

Our focus is to deliver professional, caring and compassionate services tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their families. We offer a wide range of cremation and burial service options. Each and every service commands the same level of professionalism regardless of the scope of the service. From the most modest service to the most detailed and intricate funeral service we strive to meet your every need because after all each service should be as individual as the life you are commemorating.

Whether your preference is a traditional funeral in a church setting or a lakeside memorial at the marina we have the experience and resources available to provide a dignified and meaningful tribute that captures the essence of life’s passions. Knowing all of the service options available allows you to arrange a fitting and lasting memorial as individual as the life it celebrates.

Services range from traditional burial and cremation services to Eco Friendly or “Green” services, Service of Remembrance to simple memorials. Service locations vary from funeral home, church, community centre, to private residences, clubs, public parks or pavilions or the location that is most fitting for your tribute.

Our services are as individual as the people we serve and include:

  • At need funeral arrangements
  • Prearrangement counseling
  • Memorial services
  • Bereavement resources
  • Cremation and Burial arrangements
  • Cemetery Consultation
  • Monument and memorial provider
  • Personalized services
  • Out-of-Province/Country repatriation and service arrangements

Regardless whether a traditional burial or cremation service we can arrange a setting that is most comfortable for you, please contact us to explore the options;


Funeral Planning

At Need Funeral Arrangements

At Need Funeral Arrangements encompass all aspects of services from initial consultation with families, death registration, estate and memorial documents, contacting clergy, press notices, casket and/or urn selections and everything associated with the individual/families choices for services. 

  • Liaison with government agencies
  • Liaison with insurance companies
  • Transfer of body from place of death to funeral home
  • Preparation and embalming of body
  • Coordination with clergy
  • Press notices
  • Luncheons and receptions
  • Chapel Services
  • Church Services and off-site services
  • Cemetery arrangements
  • Monument design and engraving
  • (after reading this brief description of funeral arrangements the value of preplanning becomes even more apparent)

Helpful information for arrangements:

  • Family history
  • Work or occupation
  • Birth date and place of birth
  • S.I.N.
  • Clergy contact
  • Fraternal organizations or clubs

If you are in immediate need of our services please note that we are available 24 hours to assist you.


Services are as unique as the people we provide them for, ranging from traditional funeral services to elaborate memorials whether you are at home at church or at the marina as service can be tailored to meet your needs.
To personalize a service to make it your own is no more difficult than arranging a traditional funeral.  The emphasis is placed on those things that capture the essence of those that you love.  It may be as simple how he spent his time, what made her smile.  The answers to these questions form the basis of for your tribute.

  • Personalized caskets
  • Interior panels
  • Life symbol corners
  • Music
  • Personal mementos
  • Trophies and awards
  • All these help to create a meaningful tribute.

Sports enthusiast, musician, farmer, and naturalist or spiritually minded, your passions for life can be captured in a memorial tribute, contact us today.


Pre-planning funeral arrangements provides a blueprint for your final wishes and helps to insure that they are carried out by those closest to you.  Pre-planning makes sense and allows you to explore the many options available without the emotional concerns at the time a death occurs. Prearranging may be done with no obligation or cost to you.  Those arrangements may also be prepaid and deposited in trust. (to insure that funds are available to cover costs and that no additional charge would be required to cover these arrangements regardless of when the death occurs)   There are various affordable funding options are available to meet your specific needs. *Deposits are insured through the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • Service location
  • Eulogy/Tributes
  • Musical Selections
  • Casket or cremation products
  • Ceremony, visitation or other associated services

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office or the comfort of your own home for detailed prearrangement information.


Memories Etched In Granite

Permanent memorials tailored to represent a life well lived

We are pleased to present our clients and their families the opportunity to create a meaningful and lasting memorial that captures the essence and spirit of those nearest and dearest to you. The same artistry and attention to detail is used on all memorials ranging from flat markers to upright monuments and even commissioned sculptures. We offer a wide range of granite colours, custom shapes, lettering styles and of course original artist etchings depicting religious, nature, farm or custom scenes. We also offer alternatives to traditional memorialisation. For further information please feel free to contact our office.

As the winter season approaches, not many people consider cemetery memorials. However, there is considerable time involved in the design/approval stage, etching, and carving of a unique memorial. By using this time wisely it ensures your monument will be completed and ready for placement as soon as weather permits in the spring. Please enquire about winter season incentives.

Memories Etched In Ganite

Tuesday – Friday
10:00 a.m.  – 4:30 p.m.
(Weekend and Alternate Times Available)
Begin the process today, call…


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