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About us

Our funeral home is an independently owned family business that has served Dunnville and the surrounding area since 1913. We offer funeral services to the public in a wide variety of options ranging from traditional cremation and burial services to personalized theme services that help to acknowledge the interests, hobbies, and passions of the individual.

Funerals are as different as the people we provide them for. Each may be similar yet no one is alike. We offer a wide variety of cremation and burial products including caskets, urns, alternative containers, statutory urns, memorials, keepsake jewelry, memorial stationary, remembrance plaques, and many more items that may be of interest to the families we serve.

We carry a varied casket inventory ranging from simplistic eco friendly caskets to personalized custom caskets.  Also, we provide a wide variety of cremation urns available to meet your needs. Funeral pricing is based upon 4 factors. The services selected, merchandise chosen, disbursements such as newspapers, cemetery, organist, etc, and of course HST.

We pride ourselves on providing professional service in a warm, caring atmosphere that helps to make the grieving process a positive one for those we serve. Our main ambition is to serve our clients with the same attention and compassionate manner that we would appreciate being treated with.

John W. Hart
Funeral Director


John and Leanne Hart have owned and operated the funeral home since 1989. Serving the community for over 29 years the business has evolved and they have embraced the challenge of caring for their community. Being parents, neighbours and citizens in this small town it is sometimes difficult to provide for people you know so well. With this in mind their relationship with family, friends and neighbours has made them more sensitive and capable of caring for their needs in a compassionate and dignified manner. Due to the nature of funeral services there are many situations that can be very complicated. It has been a comfort to many knowing that there is someone who is informed, competent and able to bridge the gap between  law enforcement, coroner, medical institutions, and government agencies in order to preserve the dignity and respect each of us deserve regardless of the situation.


Dunnville situated at the mouth of the Grand River as it empties into Lake Erie is a picturesque example of small town Ontario. J.W. Funeral Home is located on the peripheries of Hamilton and Niagara.  A quiet little town known for its friendly people, quaint shops and quality of life. Dunnville has always been supportive of local events and groups. Supporting sporting events and teams, theatre and the arts to agriculture Dunnville has always been well represented and rewarded with many awards at the Provincial and National level. It is in this same spirit that we help to promote and sponsor many different programs with a focus on benefiting youth and the future of Dunnville. We firmly believe in the motto of “Great Living in a Grand Town”.

We are open to sponsorship request but due to the overwhelming demand, we would request that you submit your sponsorship request via email.


John Hart: Licensed Funeral Director  
Leanne Hart: Licensed Funeral Director
John Hart Sr: Funeral Director’s Assistant
Duane Lambert: Funeral Director’s Assistant
Russell Hart: Funeral Director’s Assistant.


Every important event in our life time should be planned well in advance, call today  and we would be pleased to sit with you and tailor a dignified and fitting tribute for you and you family.

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